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Minutes | 2016 | January

Board Meeting minutes

Board Meeting minutes of January 12, 2016

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at the Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI.

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Steve Nielsen and Melissa Schutz, Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Valerie Windsor and Assessor Randy Prochnow, townspeople Josh Hoff and Pete Krizan

Motion to approve December minutes as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:                Balance as of Dec. 1, 2015                     $47,098.62

                                                   December Receipts                                   $2,386.79

                                                   December Disbursements                      $13,061.62

                                                   Book Balance as of Dec. 31, 2015         $37,986.33

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by M. Schutz.  Approved.

Motion to approve Vouchers and Checks was made by S. Nielsen, 2nd by R. Monn.  Approved.

Maintenance Report:  Getting complaints about the snowmobile trails and the way they’re being plowed. We will send a letter to the snowmobile club and let them know of the complaints and that we expect better grooming by the roads and driveways.

Chairman Report:  Received a few calls about the watershed meeting, directed them to the county.

Supervisor Reports:  Melissa went to the watershed meeting today.  The next meeting is March 8th 1-3.  We will post this meeting time and place on the website.  Melissa let residents know that they can get on our website to advertise their plowing services.

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  Prochnow Assessing (present) suggested the dates of Open Book, May 12th 5-7pm and Board of Review, May 12th 7-9pm.  Board accepted these dates.

Spring Primary election is Tuesday, February 16th.

Committee Reports:  Plan Commission is meeting on January 25that 7pm.  Agenda:  go over revisions of the comprehensive plan.

Fire/Ambulance Meeting:  Several members went to Grantsburg to look at their fire hall. They have a meeting tomorrow evening and will try to put together some numbers. 

No New Business

Public Comment:  Pete Krizan is here because of some tax assessment issues dating back from previous years.  Year in question is 2012.  Pete owns the land, which he is taxed on, along with personal property improvements (mobile home). His daughter, Jennifer owns the mobile home (personal property), which she is taxed on.  He feels he is being “double taxed”.  Randy Prochnow provided print outs of tax bills from 2011-2014.  There was a mistake made in 2012.  Pete has not paid this yet and is wondering what the township can do.  It appears that the initial overcharge is $550.18.  Motion was made to pay the county, in lieu of Pete Krizan, parcel #17036-2-291406-210-0001 to pay the charge of $550.18 from the overtax made in 2012 by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Josh Hoff is here to ask about a fence line issue.  Rich suggested he file a formal complaint with the township and request a fence viewing.  Josh’s issue is more about fencing a driveway on someone else’s land.  Our town road ends where the other residents drive starts. Rich said he should consult an attorney as that isn’t something the township could take care of.

CRP sign up through the FSA is available now through February.  Residents can contact the FSA.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by R. Monn, 2nd by M. Schulz.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

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