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Minutes | 2015 | October

Meeting minutes

Board Meeting minutes of October 19, 2015

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at the Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI.

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Melissa Schutz and Steve Nielsen, Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Valerie Windsor.

Motion to approve September minutes as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:                         Balance as of Sept. 1, 2015                      $87,189.45

                                                            September Receipts                                   $1,077.53

                                                            Less September Disbursements              $65,164.21

                                                            Book balance as of Sept. 30, 2015          $23,102.77

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by M. Schutz.  Approved.

Motion to approve Vouchers and Checks was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Maintenance Report:  Kevin and Rich attended the highway meeting, they found out they do not honor cold mix for the TRIP program.

 Any road work over $65,000 has to go through an engineer.

 Mowing is going well, has approximately 24 hours left to go on it.  Aring Equipment is no longer going to rent tractors/mowers, their equipment is for sale.  We will have to research where we could rent/buy one in the future.


Chairman Report:  Rich received a phone call from the DNR, they are doing a stake holder meeting on November 3rd,   1-3pm at the Knapp Hall.  They will be discussing the creek restoration going through Knapp area.  Public is invited to come.

 Kevin and Rich went to visit a resident about the road condition on 730th Ave(sharing with Lucas Township). Because the resident wasn’t home, Rich wrote a letter explaining the issue.  This road is a level 3 (out of 5).  The main issues with the road are within Lucas Township. 


Supervisor Report:  None

Clerk-Treasurer’s Report:  None

Committee Reports:  Plan Commission meeting is tentatively set for November 2nd.

Fire/Ambulance – 5 Bugles will have the preliminary plans in to the district around the first of the year.  They will go over it all at that time.

New Business:  Went over the Preliminary 2016 budget.  Val will get it set for the Budget Hearing next month.  Discussion on recycling budget, fire assessment and roads.

Public Comment:  None

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by R. Monn, 2nd by M. Schutz.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

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