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Minutes | 2014 | December

December Board meeting minutes

Board Meeting minutes of December 15, 2014

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at the Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI.

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Joel Wittenmeyer and Steve Nielsen, Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Val Windsor

Motion to approve November minutes as mailed was made by R.Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:        November 1, 2014 balance                             $9885.40

                                           November Receipts                                        $51693.63

                                           November Disbursements                            $20188.45

                                           Book balance as of Nov. 30, 2014                $41390.58

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by J. Wittenmeyer.  Approved.

Motion to approve Vouchers and Checks was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Maintenance Report: Tractor bucket was put in by Polens.  Truck windshield was turned into insurance for crack and fixed. 

Chairman Report:  Rich picked up three signs (NO Parking, NO Standing, and NO Stopping) and Kevin put up on 790th Ave to keep the trucks from the pit from parking on the road.

Supervisor Reports: Steve has been driving 790th and stated the signs seem to be working as there haven’t been any trucks sitting on the road.

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  The Caucus will take place on January 19, 2015 immediately following the regular town board meeting.

Committee Reports: Plan Commission did not meet last month.

Fire and Ambulance – Gib Krueger called a special meeting as someone wanted to donate some land he had for the Fire Building.  Concerns were raised because the land is on a residential dead end street.  They are currently looking at land behind the BP Station as the Village of Boyceville already owns this land.  They are in the process of filling out paperwork for FFA and also continuing to look at positives/negatives of all land in question.

New Business: Building Inspector Ordinance – Dunn County has an extensive requirement for building, it was stated it already costs plenty to build, the township residents don’t need to be paying any extra to us.  We will put out a newsletter and state that it is up to the taxpayer to request a special inspection if so desired.  It is still a requirement to contact the county when building a new house or remodeling /structure changes built after 1980.  Consensus of the board is not to change our current ordinance.

Audit contract for 2014 for WIPFLI – motion was made that we approve Wipfli to do the audit for 2014 was made by R. Monn, 2nd by J. Wittenmeyer.  Approved.

Public comment:  None

Motion to adjourn was made by S. Nielsen, 2nd by R. Monn.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm

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