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Minutes | 2014 | May

May, 2014

Board minutes for May, 2014


Board Meeting minutes of May 19, 2014

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Joel Wittenmeyer and Steve Nielsen, Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Valerie Windsor and townspeople Pat Smith

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at the Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI.

Motion to approve April minutes as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:            Balance on hand, April 1, 2014                    $59,736.18

                                               April Receipts                                                 $27,305.40

                                               Total                                                                 $87,041.58

                                               Less April Disbursements                             $26,408.74

                                               Book Balance as of April 30, 2014              $60,632.84

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2nd by J. Wittenmeyer.  Approved.

Motion to approve Vouchers and Checks was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Maintenance Report:  Kevin called Dunn County Hwy to look at culverts on 930th (off of Q) they will look into this.

 Bucket with a cutting edge, prices range from $800 to $1600, John Deere would give us approx. $500 on our old bucket. This does not include the labor of putting on the blades. Kevin will keep researching this.  He and Rich will look at a few when they pick up the tractor tomorrow.  They will decide after looking and possibly buy.

Scott Construction does not want to seal coat all the roads that the board wanted to do, they said they are too far gone.  They recommended doing a cold mix overlay which costs about $52,000/mile.

Kevin discussed different options for what could be done with the amount of money we have budgeted. 

Consensus of the board and Kevin was to cold mix the portion of 130th Street and loop around on 890th as it seems to be in the worst shape.  Motion to get bids out for the road maintenance discussed was made by S. Nielsen, 2nd by R. Monn.  Approved.   Bids will run in the paper on June 4th and June 11th and will need to be opened at our June meeting.

Chairman Report:  None

Supervisor Reports:  None

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  None

Committee Reports:  Plan Commission Report – Graph was given to board members from results of the survey.  Plan Commission is going to be working on the map next and they will be holding a Town Meeting when finished for residents to have the chance to come look at it.

Fire/Ambulance Report – The person responsible for getting the prices in for various repairs forgot to have a few things included, this totaled approximately $60,000+.  They are in the process of getting different proposals on possibly tearing down the old Keyes building and using that space.

New Business:  None

Public Comment:  None

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by R. Monn, 2nd by J. Wittenmeyer.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm

Plan Commission, May 2014

Plan Commission minutes


Town of Stanton Plan Commission Minutes: May 13, 2014


Chairman Josh Edhlund called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Members present:  Joel Wittenmeyer, Pat Smith, Cheryl Hoffman.

Josh summarized the meeting held with Bob Colson.  Colson pointed out that our timeline for revising the Comprehensive Plan seemed too ambitious.  He noted the key issue was approval of the new county zoning map.  Bob also provided input as to issues relevant in the county:  water quality, ag wells, rural character, contaminated wells, sand mines, wind farms.  Survey questions were reviewed with Bob.

About 70 people responded to the survey sent out to township land owners.  Josh will tabulate the results and email the information to Plan Commission members.  Joel will share survey results with Town Board Members at the May 19 meeting.

The Plan Commission will secure an up-to-date proposed zoning map and investigate the best way to provide township residents an opportunity to see the map.

Clarification of the process for updating and approving the Comprehensive Plan is also needed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.


Submitted by Patricia Smith

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