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Minutes | 2014 | April

April 2014

Meeting minutes April 2014


Board Meeting minutes of April 21, 2014

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisor Steve Nielsen, Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Valerie Windsor and townspeople Joel Wittenmeyer, Al Andrews, Jim Mickalski, Pat Smith, Kevin Ullom, Jody Slocum, Cindy Griffin

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI

Motion to approve March minutes as mailed was made by S. Nielsen, 2nd by R. Monn.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:                    Balance on hand, April 1, 2014                              $59,736.18

                                                       April Receipts                                                           $27,305.40

                                                      Total                                                                            $87,041.58

                                                      Less April Disbursements                                        $26,408.74

                                                      Book Balance as of April 30, 2014                         $60,632.84

Motion was made to approve Treasurer’s report as mailed by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Motion to approve Vouchers and Checks was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Maintenance Report:  Roll off day is set for May 10th.  Road Inspection is set for May 2nd, meeting at the shop at 7:30am.  Need to go over a new 5 year plan. Kevin goes back to Eau Claire with the truck because the brakes are still not working properly.  930th Ave. needs culverts and Bob mentioned that Jesse Rintala (Dunn Co. Hwy. commissioner) would help with all the necessary permits.  Kevin went to the meeting that Monarch held, very informative, there is a new program called TRID which we could apply for with new road costs.  Kevin talked to Glen Johnson (Total Excating) about trucks parking on the road by the pit (790th Ave.), he was not aware of it happening and will be watching and talk to the guys hauling.

Chairman Report:  Rich will get a newsletter written up for Val to get out with a few things about roll off day.

Supervisor Report:  None

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  Assessor would like us to set a date for Open Book and Board of Review, he would like to keep it on the same night and gave us a few dates to choose from.  We will tentatively set it for May 15th.

Committee Reports:  Plan Commission – Bob Colson came and talked to the Plan Commission about priorities in regards to the survey.  We will get the survey out to the residents by April 25th with a return date by May 9th

Fire/Ambulance:  Tomorrow evening is a meeting with Cedar Corp. to go over the proposals with the 5 year planning committee.

New Business:  Vacancy for Town Supervisor:  Joel Wittenmeyer is highly recommended by Bob Anderson.  Motion was made to appoint Joel for the remainder of the term (April 2015) by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Vacancy for Plan Commission:  Josh Edlund for Chairman. Motion was made to appoint Josh to chair the Plan Commission by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Nielsen.  Approved.

Rich will talk with Pete Holmlund to see if he is interested in being on the Plan Commission as well.

Public Comment:  None

Motion to adjourn was made by R. Monn, 2nd by S. Neilsen.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.

Annual Meeting, April 2014

Annual Meeting - April 21, 2014

Present:  See above meeting

Chairman Monn called the Annual Meeting to order at 7:30pm

Rich read over line items of receipts and disbursements for year 2013.

Few questions were raised about recycling/trash, question about fire/ambulance district.

Question was asked about the pit on 790th Ave.  The only control that the township has is over the roads.  The county has control over the pit and permits.

Thanks were given to the board and especially to Kevin for care of the roads this winter.  Motion was made to give Kevin a $500 bonus for work made by Jody Slocum, 2nd by Meg Wittenmeyer.  Approved.

Motion was made by Al Andrews to give Rich Monn and Val Windsor a $500 annual raise, 2nd by Jody Slocum.  Approved.

Rich talked about the dumpsters and the “fight” he has had with Advanced Disposal, they have promised us repeatedly that we will get different dumpsters with doors in the back.  Rich will call them again and let them know we can cut holes in the backs if necessary.

Motion was made to adjourn the annual meeting was made by J. Wittenmeyer, 2nd by S. Neilsen.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

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