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Minutes | 2012 | December

Board Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting minutes of December 17, 2012

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Bob Anderson and Tim Mittlestadt Jr., Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Valerie Windsor and townspeople Kevin Ullom, Jack Clark, Tony Deneka, Pat Smith, Joel Wittenmeyer

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at the Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI.

Motion to approve minutes as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:                      Balance on hand Nov. 1, 2012                           $35,793.94

                                                         November Receipts                                             $72,136.75

                                                         Total                                                                     $107,930.69

                                                         Less November Disbursements                         $50,992.93

                                                         Book Balance as of Nov. 30, 2012                     $56,937.76

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.

Vouchers and Checks were approved by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson. Approved.

Maintenance Report:  Glen Johnson is just about ready to go with DKS pit; they are still waiting for a few of the permits to come back.  (More in new business)

Kevin contacted the surrounding municipalities and the snowmobile club about reimbursing us for the signs that we share with them.

Monday, March 11thKevin will be in a miners safety class all day.

Chairman Report:  Fire/Ambulance report-received the loan agreement information from the bank in Boyceville (4% interest, 10yr. fixed, remainder would  then be an arm loan), also received info from the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (3.75% interest, 20 yr. term and all interest goes back to the community).  They have decided to go with the Board of Commissioners loan.

Supervisors Report:  New layout of website minutes is nice and much easier to follow.  Would like to see the assessors’ information on there. (Val will add) 

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  Bill with Pretzel Design has made the website so that the minutes are accessible by month.  Contacted Century Link and terminated our internet agreement.  We will see a $200.00 early termination fee on a future bill.    

Reminder that our attorney fees are going up as of January 1.

Caucus will immediately follow the January meeting Monday, the 21st.


New Business:  Discuss zoning map-Motion was made to submit our zoning map, as is, to the county so they can act on it at their January meeting by B. Anderson, 2ndby R. Monn.  Approved

Val will get a copy of the map and the minutes from November and December to Cleo Herrick, Dunn County Zone Administrator.

Discuss disposition of DKS pit-we allowed a one time violation of the road ban for them to get their machinery in.  We haven’t signed anything yet, we are waiting to see the final agreement before we sign.  DKS has given us a signed copy as well as the $50,000 bond.  Our attorney went through the agreement and suggested a few changes, which Bob read aloud.  Suggestion was made that we adopt the attorney’s verbage and get it to DKS to sign.

Motion was made to adopt the Town of Stanton road agreement for 790th Ave. with DKS Construction and Total Excavating using our attorneys, Terry Dunst, final agreement as written was made by B. Anderson, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.  Bob will email the final agreement to DKS and when they have all permits and insurance policy in place they can get us all the information.


Public Comment:  Jack Clark would like to know if the Board will put more restrictive rules on the Dunn County zoning ordinance.  If the board isn’t going to go above the county on some issues, the Plan Commission is wondering why they are spending so much time in developing these agreements and not just go with whatever the county has.  Rich and Bob both stated they would like to stay with what the county has, simply because they haven’t looked into both ordinances to see what the differences are and are counting on the Plan Commission to look into it all and “spell it out” for the board.  The Plan Commission will get something together to show the board at a future meeting.


Motion to adjourn meeting was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm








Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Stanton Plan Commission Minutes: December 18, 2012


Chairperson Mittlestadt called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm at the Stanton Town Shop in Knapp.  Also present: members Jack Clark, Cindy Griffin.  Not present: Jim Chich and Pat Smith. 


Draft minutes from the December 11th meeting were reviewed.   Motion by Mittlestadt/Clark to approve minutes.  Motion carried.


MIttlestadt reported on the December Town Board meeting.  The existing zoning maps will be submitted as is to Dunn County as part of Stanton’s application for county zoning.  The Milestone Materials letter regarding the draft township ordinance will be set aside given the adoption of county zoning.  The Town Board has asked the Plan Commission to prepare a comparison between additional restrictions recommended for the township’s nonmetallic mine licensing ordinance and the language in Dunn County’s new ordinance.   DKS has provided the road bond; Town Board approval for lifting the road weight limit ban to allow heavy trucks won’t be granted until all permits have been obtained.


Griffin reported that interim zoning administrator Herrick confirmed via email that industrial sand mines are required to meet the same provisions within Dunn County’s new ordinance regardless of whether they are 25 acres or less than 25 acres.  Discussion followed again as to the need to develop definitions of mine site, mine boundaries, etc.


Griffin then shared the results of her correspondence with WTA attorney Lee Turonie regarding whether township nonmetallic mining restrictions would best be incorporated in a township ordinance or a developer’s agreement. Turonie’s comments suggest that the township needs to obtain their own legal counsel on this matter.


Clark suggested that paragraph H on page 21 of Dunn County’s NM ordinance be used in the township NM  ordinance, assigning powers similar to those granted the County Board of Adjustment to the Town Board.  Specific conditions (e.g., restrictions on hours of operation) could then be included in each developer’s agreement.   


Plan Commission members then conducted a detailed review of the document prepared by Smith identifying areas in which the draft township ordinance was more restrictive than Dunn County’s.   There was general consensus on those items in the document that need to beincorporated in a township ordinance.  Final language for these items will be discussed at the next meeting.


Clark compared the Cooks Valley application content with the application information required by Dunn County’s new ordinance.  He feels that the material required by Dunn County fits our needs better and addresses the concern previously voiced by Smith that the licensing process require the mine operator to ask what they are allowed to do, rather than to tell the township what they will be doing.


The agenda for the next meeting on Tuesday, January 8th at 6:30 pm at the Town Shop will include recommendations for the Town Board on ordinance language and fees, and also  discussion regarding how long-term monitoring of closed mine sites can occur .  Motion to adjourn at 7:30 by Mittlestadt/Clark.  Motion carried.


Submitted by: Cindy Griffin, Planning Commission    December 31, 2012

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