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Minutes | 2012 | October

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Stanton Plan Commission Minutes: October 24, 2012


Acting Chairperson Chich called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the Stanton Town Shop in Knapp.

Present: Members Jim Chich, Jack Clark, Cindy Griffin and Pat Smith. Excused: Tim Mittlestadt.  Also present: Jim Michalski.


Draft minutes from the October 17th meeting were reviewed.  Request by Clark that those minutes be revised to reflect that PC did not request attorney to provide a comprehensive written review of the draft nonmetallic mining ordinance at this time.  Also, Clark asked that minutes note that the attorney’s advice on grandfathering seemed somewhat contradictory. Motion by Chich/Clark to approve minutes as amended. Motion carried.


The Commission then reviewed  comments made by the public at the hearing on the nonmetallic mining draft and made the following recommendations:


  • While grandfathering may be considered for existing construction aggregate mines, it should not be allowed for  industrial sand operations and/or for construction aggregate operations that wish to become industrial sand operations.


  • Air monitoring provisions shall read “Any applicant shall be required”, (Stanton, pg 13) instead of “If an applicant is applying”.


  • Add language from section of Dunn County’s ordinance titled “Inspections” (pg 22) affirming that all sampling times and dates will be at the discretion of the Town Board.


  • Stanton’s section on ground water quantity and quality (pp14-15, 21) needs to be more specific; revise using Dunn County’s ordinance on pages 18-19.


  • The results of all well testing and monitoring conducted by an independent third party shall be made freely available to township residents, the Town Board, and the mine operator and considered to be an open record (Add to page 15).


  • Any and all independent third party monitoring reports shall be transmitted directly to the Town Board by the third party.


  • The language regarding remedies available to landowners within ½ mile of the mine is not intended to exclude  landowners living more than ½ mile away from pursuing similar concerns (pages 20-21)  Dunst talked about the “sphere of influence” – could leave as is or request language from the attorney.


  • We need to contact Dunn County Land Conservation to inquire if long-term environmental impacts, including monitoring wells, are addressed in the land reclamation plan.


  • Dunn County’s language regarding buffers and setbacks should be utilized in our ordinance (pg 16, 17 of Dunn County document).


  • “Licensed” will be added to “a qualified hydrogeologist”on page 8 .


  • “Neutral independent third party” will be inserted in all paragraphs calling for sampling and monitoring.


  • Our language regarding traffic concerns will be expanded using Dunn County’s language on page 15.


  • A minimum of one continuous air monitoring site shall be required at each licensed operation with location to be determined by the Town Board or their retained expert (add to page 13).


  • The ordinance needs to include a general statement that property value guarantees are to be addressed in each developer’s agreement (page 7).


  • Language will be inserted to limit the scale of mining to 20 acres open at a time.


  • Pg 15 ii “Additional sampling” will be changed to read “Additional monitoring”.


  • Page 16  Scott McCurdy’s recommended revisions regarding disposal of hazardous waste materials will be added.


  • Blasting ordinance:  On page 5, should the application and permit come before the Plan Commission as  stated or the Town Board?



The agenda for the next Stanton Plan Commission meeting at 7pm on November 7th will include discussion of the results of the zoning referendum and a review of the written concerns recently submitted by Milestone Materials.   Jack noted that he will be unavailable to attend PC meetings until after November 15th.


Motion by Chich/Smith to adjourn at 9:02 pm.     


Submitted by: Cindy Griffin, Planning Commission 10/30/12

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Stanton Plan Commission Minutes: October 17, 2012


Chairperson Mittlestadt called the meeting to order at 7 pm at the Stanton Town Shop in Knapp.

Present: Members Tim Mittlestadt, Jim Chich, Jack Clark,Cindy Griffin and Pat Smith.  Draft minutes from the September 26th meeting were reviewed. Motion by Clark/Chich to approve minutes. Motion carried.


Mittlestadt reported on several items from the October Town Board meeting.  Pat Smith was sworn in as a PC member to replace Tony Finder.   The Town has agreed to have information about the zoning referendum available at the door on voting day.  The PC’s request for a 6-month extension of the moratorium on nonmetallic mining was brought up in Tim’s supervisor’s report, but was not on the agenda for a vote.  In November, the Town Board will have a special meeting on the budget on November 12th, but the regular meeting would normally be during gun deer hunting season on November 19th.  At our first November meeting, we should have the results of the referendum.  Smith asked if the Town Board will abide by the township’s vote.  Mittlestadt indicated that the decision is ultimately the responsibility of the Town Board.  The decision on zoning will set the direction for the Commission’s future efforts.


The Commission then reviewed written comments from Chair Rich Monn and town’s attorney re: the ordinance.

(The PC did not request that our attorney provide acomprehensive written review of the draft nonmetallic mining ordinance at this time.)  Discussion followed; comments that verbal and written comments from legal counsel on grandfathering could be perceived as somewhat contradictory.


  • The section included from another township regarding reimbursement of ordinance development costs is optional in the Commission’s view, although significant legal and engineering costs have been incurred
  • Smith will contact St. Croix County regarding language limiting the number of acres open for mining.
  • Hours of operation for gravel pits vs. industrial sand mines were discussed.  Road projects may require occasional early (6 am?) access to a gravel pit.  Griffin noted that the impact of occasional early morning use for road projects is significantly different than an industrial sand mine operating at that time daily throughout the year.
  • It was agreed that the duration of licenses should be for three years rather than 1,2 or 5.
  • It was agreed that the ordinance should include the sentence “The applicant will address the establishment of property value guarantees in its developer‘s agreement.” (Section 24.06)
  • The Commission would like to ensure that licensed companies are held responsible for long-term environmental damage after they cease operation, and question whether this is addressed in the reclamation plans submitted to the county.   
  • Griffin will email McCurdy to clarify the meaning of paragraph 2) h. in Section 24.06 per Dunst’s query.
  •  It was agreed that many or all sentences that read “as determined by operator” should read “as determined by Town Board”.
  • Sentence beginning “By way of example but not limitation” in 24.07 5. a. will be eliminated.
  •  The Planning Commission feels strongly that the requirement for a public hearing prior to license renewal should be mandatory as stated in the Commission’s draft, not discretionary as suggested by the town’s attorney. 
  • With regard to the attorney’s question as to who pays for the third party hydrologist when the mine is found not to be at fault for negative impacts to ponds (Section24.09), the Commission would like the attorney’s opinion.
  • Other minor wording changes proposed by the attorney were accepted.


The agenda for the next Stanton Plan Commission meeting at 7pm on October 24th will include consideration of replacing or supplanting our ordinance language with material from Dunn County’s new draft ordinance and public comments.


Motion by Mittlestadt/Clark to adjourn at 8:35 pm.               

Submitted by: Cindy Griffin, Planning Commission 10/22/12

Board Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting minutes of October 15, 2012

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Bob Anderson and Tim Mittlestadt Jr., Maintenance Kevin Finder, Clerk-Treasurer Valerie Windsor and townspeople Jack Clark, Cindy Griffin, Jim Michalski, Pat Smith, Kurt Beutow, Steve Nielson, Tim Muran

Chairman Monn called the meeting to order at 7pm at the Stanton Town Shop, Knapp, WI.

Motion to approve minutes as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson. Approved

Treasurer’s Report:                 Balance on hand September 1, 2012                     $45,575.63

                                                    September Receipts                                                  $19,065.32

                                                    Total                                                                             $61,640.95

                                                    Less September Disbursements                              $32,073.54

                                                    Book Balance as of Sept. 1, 2012                            $29,567.41

 Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.

Maintenance Report: None

Chairman Report:  Rich contacted Waste Management about cancelling our contract.  We need to notify them by March 12 and ask them to rebid along with others and we will decide at that time.  Fire/Ambulance meetings have been held every Wednesday.  New ambulance building will come out to be $51.35/capita.  They have applied for grants which they haven’t heard back on yet. They will also be using volunteers for some of the work.  This figure of $51.35 is for a completely contracted out building. Not sure what our rates will be for sure, we will find out at a later date.  They have gotten rates from the bank (looking like 4% interest).  They will hold meetings over the next two Wednesday’s and will need a quorum from each township so they can decide for sure on costs. 

Sheriff Smith got in contact with Rich, Smith would like to gather more information before he can get us enforcement information for our ordinances.

Supervisors Report:  Bob received a call from Terry Golen, she would like us to hold another meeting concerning the zoning issues.  Rich and Tim spoke with her as well, Val put the minutes of the special meeting in March back on the website and she seemed okay with that.  Val will also put a few copies at the town shop for residents to read before voting at the election.

Tim is asking for a 6 month extension for the moratorium as they need to amend the ordinance drafts, review Mathy concerns, consult with legal counsel, ect…  Jack Clark would like to get this passed soon as possible as he feels we can amend things as we go.  Rich has concerns that we’ve presented to township the agreement already and also feels that everything that still needs to be done can be done and just amend it as we go.  Tim would like to put on the agenda for next month to discuss the possibility of an extension of the moratorium.

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  Roll off day brought in about $350.00.

 Election is set for November.

Val asked about having a special meeting on November 12 to go over a preliminary budget so we can be a bit more prepared for the Budget Hearing.   We will have a meeting on Monday, November 12 at 7pm to go over preliminary budget figures.  On November 19thfrom 6pm-7pm we will be hosting a table top exercise from the Emergency Management about emergency situations.


New Business:  Tractor Tires – Kevin got prices -  bias ply $2,850.00 and radials for$ 5,980.00 Firestone radials for$5,200.00.  These prices were from last spring.  Tim suggested that we allow Kevin to use his discretion on what the best price for the tire would be.  Kevin talked to the county about the radials; they said they have trouble at times with sidewalls.  Motion was made that Kevin get the bias ply tires at his discretion by B. Anderson, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt  Jr.  Approved.  This cost will come out the Machinery Fund.

Motion was made to approve Dunn County Humane Society contract for 2013-2014 was made by R. Monn, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr. Approved.

UTV’s need to be added to the existing ATVordinance.  No signage needs to be changed.  Motion was made to allow and add UTV’s to the ATV ordinance was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved.

Animal Control Ordinance:  Sheriff Smith is going to get information from other townships and get back with us.  The board went through the example ordinance (Black Brook) and struck things that wouldn’t apply to us.  Rich will invite the Sheriff to our meeting when he gets the enforcement issues all settled and we can ask questions at that time.  We will table this until the sheriff can come to our meeting for questions.

Public Comment:  Jim Michalski asked about when the road by his house is going to get done.  Bob stated because of all involved (DNR) it will be budgeted for next year.

Suggestion was made that we allow a certain amount of dogs per household.  We will look into the State Statutes and make sure we are following that within the new ordinance.

Steve Nielson suggested we have Waste Management (and any others) break down their fees when we get the bid.

Motion to swear in Pat Smith for the Plan Commission was made by B. Anderson, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.

Motion to adjourn was made by B. Anderson, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

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