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Minutes | 2012 | June

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Stanton Plan Commission Minutes: June 20, 2012


Chairman Tim Mittlestadt Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the Stanton Town Shop in Knapp.


Present: Members Tim Mittlestadt Jr., Steve Nielsen, Tony Finder, James Chich and Cindy Griffin. Also present: Pat Smith, Steve Stuhr, Jack Clark, Candy Anderson, Will Mathy, and Kevin Ullom.  


The draft minutes from the June 7th meeting were distributed and reviewed. Motion by Mittlestadt/Chich to approve minutes as presented.  Motion carried.


The Planning Committee reviewed the revisions to Stanton’s nonmetallic mining ordinance drafted by Scott McCurdy of Cedar Corporation.  McCurdy will be present at the next meeting on July 11 to address the Commission’s questions regarding the document.  Nielsen stated that the Commission would do well to generally accept the revisions proposed by Cedar as we contracted with them for their expertise in this area.  Griffin noted that Cedar reformatted and numbered the document to be consistent with general ordinance requirements.  Commission members need further clarification from McCurdy prior to making decisions on the following ordinance provisions:


  • Licensing period (two vs five years), pg 4)
  • 5 vs 10 acres to qualify for registration license instead of operator’s license (pg 4)
  • Auburn provisions for reimbursement of ordinance development costs (pg 5)
  • Need language to require both electronic and paper applications (pg 6)
  • Base flow comments (pg 9)
  • Background particulate comments (pg 11)
  • Residence setback language from Auburn to be added? (pg 12)
  • Operational hours (pg 13)
  • Decibels, night lighting (pg 14)
  • Water testing language (pg 18)
  • Removal of structures, importation/testing of fill (pg 30)



Discussion followed regarding whether the Town’s comprehensive land use plan needs to be revised to reflect the impact of nonmetallic mining resources.  Griffin reported that Bob Colson, Dunn County planner, indicated that the plan is intended to serve as a guide.  Colson is willing to meet with the Commission but would not be able to assist with redrafting the plan.  Nielsen noted that when the original Plan Commission developed the comprehensive plan, they were told the town’s ordinances, not the plan, govern what happens in the town but that the plan and the ordinances should not conflict with each other.  Mittlestadt will ask the Town Board if they view revisions to the plan as work that needs to be completed during the moratorium.


Griffin contacted the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) as requested by Mittlestadt with regard to designating two alternates who would serve as voting Planning Commission members in the absence of a quorum.  WTA legal counsel indicated that the statutes do not allow for alternate members.  He said that the Town Board has the option of removing any Commission member at any time for any reason.  He also confirmed that the Commission could legally be expanded to 7 members.  Given the WTA information, the Commission decided to continue with our existing members and attempt to maintain a quorum during the busy summer months when farming, seasonal business demands and vacations create scheduling conflicts for members.


Mittlestadt reported that the Town Board confirmed that Stanton meeting notices will be posted at the Town Shop, Knapp gas station and Knapp post office.  Griffin will follow up with the Town Clerk to clarify whether the information must also be provided to the official newspaper as a “not for publication” item.   Residents in attendance requested that the Planning Commission agendas also be posted online on the town’s web site.  Griffin will follow up on this with the Town Clerk.  Archiving of Town and Plan Commission minutes online was also requested.


Discussion followed on information and questions related to local NM initiatives:

  • No official news from Knapp regarding ET zoning. 
  • Two informational meetings regarding the proposed Downing sand mine are scheduled and Commission members are encouraged to attend:

1) Sand Mining Public Forum, Tues, June 26th from 6-9 pm, Glenwood HS Gym

2) Informational Meeting on Frac Sand Mining: Monday, July 2nd at 7pm, Holy Cross

       Lutheran Church in Glenwood City


Candy Anderson of Milestone Materials distributed copies of a model ordinance creating industrial sand mine operator’s license she has been working on.   An industrial sand mining license would replace a nonmetallic mining license.  Construction aggregate mining operations (sand, gravel, crushed stone) use) would then be exempt from sand mining requirements.  Milestone’s proposed ordinance further exempts all existing industrial sand mine operations from the industrial sand licensing application process and provisions. Milestone has expressed concerned that nonmetallic mining ordinances may make it difficult to continue providing aggregate for routine highway work, etc.


The agenda for the next meeting will include review of the mining and blasting ordinances with Cedar Corporation and discussion of the document provided by Anderson.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 11th at 7pm.  Scott McCurdy from Cedar Corporation will be present to address Commission questions regarding the draft mining and blasting ordinances.


Motion by Mittlestadt/Finder to adjourn at 8:16 pm.                


Submitted by:

Cindy Griffin, Planning Commission


Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting minutes of June 18, 2012

Present:  Chairman Monn, Supervisors Bob Anderson and Tim Mittlestadt Jr., Clerk-Treasurer Val Windsor, Maintenance Kevin Finder and townspeople Kevin Ullom, Jim Michalski, Jack Clark, Pat Smith, Earl Nihart and Becky Reihold, Dennis Duval and Jeff Brenden with Scott Construction

Motion to approve May 21, 2012 minutes as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved

Treasurer’s Report:                  Balance on hand as of May 1, 2012                  10,976.73

                                                     May Receipts                                                        14,964.83

                                                    Total                                                                        25,941.56

                                                    Less May Disbursements                                     13,626.67

                                                    Book Balance as of May 31, 2012                      12,314.89

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as mailed was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved.

Motion to approve Vouchers and Checks was made by R. Monn, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.

Maintenance Report:  Mark Atkins contacted Kevin about blacktopping his driveway when the road crew was on 790th.  Kevin advised the blacktop crew not to do it.

Supervisor Reports:  Hanging branches on 800th/O. 

Bob has been in contact with the lawyer on several questions the board has asked.  Snowmobiles are not technically allowed on the town roads unless there is an ordinance on file, which we would have to do before next winter.  In order to have a speed limit ordinance we have to do an engineering study.  Bob will get a radar gun, (he has a license for this).  Proposed Parking Ordinance (for fishing from bridges), Bob has a sample ordinance, we could just fill in the blanks.  Because we don’t have a constable or patrolman we would be relying on Dunn Co. Sheriffs Dept.  Building Inspection Requirements Ordinance, the attorney went through and corrected a few things.  The board will discuss these issues at a later meeting.  Bob asked the Plan Commission to have an ordinance done and ready to go for the board to go over before the Nov. ballot.

Clerk-Treasurer Report:  Val had to go to court regarding the late personal property taxes and speak with the mediator and the town resident.  It was resolved that they would pay $50.00 by the 30thof each month until paid in full.  If they fail to make even one payment, Val will call the Clerk of Courts and a judgment will be filed against them.

Received a letter from Melissa Gilgenbach, Director of Dunn Co. Emergency Communications, in regards to the fire incident on 3-29-12 on 890thAve.  She reviewed the tapes and feels the resident did not follow proper procedures in a burning permit.  Val will send the resident a copy of the letter and another bill. 

New Business:

Open and possibly award bids for crack filling-

Scott Construction fiber and crack filling – 6740.00 (rubber crack filling, as done in the past 5987.00)

Long Asphalt, Medford – 5543.00 includes a five yr. warranty

Perfection Paving, Bloomer – 11,373.45

Asphalt Maintenance and Paving – 10,458.89

Jeff with Scott Construction, stated the advantages of using fiber over rubber as with fiber you do not route the cracks, the fiber has a fiber mesh to help hold it in.  It will still be heat meshed.  They will warranty their work.  They have found that the fiber does not “dip” as rubber does.  Bob doesn’t feel we should go with fiber as it was not bid that way.  R. Monn made a motion to accept the Long Asphalt proposal in the amount of 5543.00 to be done by the last week in July, 2ndby T. Mittlestadt Jr.  Approved.

 Roads to be done are : 870thAve, 280thAve, 800thAve, 130thAve.  These are the same roads that need to be chip sealed as well.

Burning Permit Ordinance:  Rich spoke with Melissa Gilgenbach, she is in agreement with the revised burning permit ordinance.  Changes are allowing residents to call the non-emergency number without having called the town official.  They will take your name, address of where the fire will be, and give you a 24hr. time period to burn.  If the fire gets out of control, the resident will still be liable for any costs incurred.  Motion was made to change the ordinance to reflect the new wording was made by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved.

Fireworks Ordinance:  Question was asked about what the county’s procedure is.  They stated that if the resident has a permit they would have permission to shoot off fireworks, they would be “legal” if someone turns you in.  Dennis Smith is here to explain the procedures of what they would do if called to a fireworks scene.  If the resident does not have a permit and the sheriff is called they will come out and confiscate any existing fireworks and send a warning letter.  Dennis requested that if we adopt an ordinance he would like us to send them a copy for their files.  Val will download a sample ordinance from the Town’s Assoc. website and the board will look over this for the July meeting.  Val will also email the sample to Dennis and he’ll look over it as well.

Auditor quotes:  Val will contact the Town’s Assoc. and see if they can recommend anyone.  Based on that information Val will use her discretion on whom to go with.

Required posting places:  Bremer Bank in Knapp will be closing as of Aug. 31 so we need to have another posting place.  Tim will contact the gas station to see about posting there as well as seeing if they would be willing to sell garbage bags for us.

Public Comment:  Dennis Duval is wondering about the bicycle race.  Rich stated we don’t have anything to do with it, they do not contact us.  Dennis is concerned as they are all over the road, with their “watch vehicles”.   Sheriff Dennis stated the association that puts it together gets permission from the county, which then gets permission from the state. Another concern is that they paint arrows on the signs and on the roads and blow the sand off the roads and into people’s yards.  Sheriff Dennis stated the bike assoc. should be contacting the townships as well as the villages and counties. Sheriff Dennis will address these issues in question with the bikers for next year.

Seems to be a problem getting a quorum for the Plan Commission, they need to get alternates.  Tim will call the Town’s Association to see about the legal ramifications of appointing Plan Commission members.

Motion was made to adjourn meeting by R. Monn, 2ndby B. Anderson.  Approved

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Stanton Plan Commission Minutes: June 7, 2012


Chairman Tim Mittlestadt Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm at the Stanton Town Shop in Knapp.


Present: Members Tim Mittlestadt Jr., Steve Nielsen, and Cindy Griffin. Also present: Pat Smith, Steve Stuhr and Jack Clark.  


The draft minutes from the May 16th meeting were distributed and reviewed. Motion by Mittlestadt/Griffin to approve minutes as presented.  Motion carried.


As lack of a quorum necessitated cancelling meetings planned for May 23rd and 30th, the summer meeting schedule was again discussed.  Griffin expressed concern that we will need to meet at least 10 more times to finish our work and so ideally would continue meeting weekly during the summer.  Nielsen and Stuhr indicated that it would be very difficult to maintain a quorum at weekly meetings during the summer.  Although one or two additional members could be added to the committee, the quorum would then increase from 3 to 4, which could perpetuate the existing problem.


Commission members suggested that the Town Board could designate two residents who regularly attend PC meetings as alternates.  Alternates would count toward a quorum and have voting powers in the absence of one or more ongoing members.  Pat Smith and Jack Clark indicated that they would be willing to serve as alternates.


As requested at the May 16th meeting, Committee members unable to attend a meeting should notify Mittlestadt or Griffin no later than 10 am the day of the meeting if at all possible so the meeting can be cancelled if there won’t be a quorum.  Members of the public should contact Mittlestadt or Griffin if they have questions about whether a scheduled meeting will be held.  It was agreed that meetings will be held every other Wednesday at 7pm beginning June 20th    Due to the July 4th holiday, however, July meetings will be on the 11th and 25th.


The Commission’s deadline to complete its work is October 19, and the following tasks remain:

  • Finalize nonmetallic mining (NM) ordinance
  • Finalize blasting ordinance
  • Recommend provisions for town road maintenance/protection
  • Develop recommendations specifying how compliance with new ordinances can be monitored and enforced
  • Recommend updates to township’s comprehensive plan
  • Propose items for memorandum of understanding with Dunn County for information sharing regarding nonmetallic mining permits
  • Recommend process for drafting and approving developer’s agreements
  • Ensure citation ordinance is updated to meet statutory requirements


Griffin distributed copies of the document received today from Cedar Corp critiquing our draft NM ordinance.  Cedar’s review of the blasting ordinance should be available within the next week.   Planning Commission members are asked to read McCurdy’s comments on the NM draft prior to the next meeting so all can discuss.  McCurdy will be invited to a subsequent meeting to address the Commission’s questions on the NM and blasting ordinances, as well as road protection.


Mittlestadt reported on items from the May Town Board meeting.  Citation ordinance revisions are still awaiting action by Dunst.  If the Planning Commission finds that revisions to the township’s comprehensive plan are needed, they are to bring the recommended changes to the Town Board.


Discussion followed on information and questions related to local NM initiatives:

  • No news from Knapp regarding ET zoning. 
  • Griffin shared article regarding the settling pond breach in Burnett County that caused suspended fines to wash into a wetland and creek and then the St. Croix River.  She noted that this citizen-reported incident and others like it highlight the need for Stanton to provide for someone other than the understaffed DNR and the mine employees to monitor mine operations.
  • No one knew who owns/will be using the numerous railroad sand cars  parked on the railroad track along Hwy 170 between Boyceville and Downing for the last several weeks.
  • Milestone has installed 4 air monitors at the Downing pit; 2 east and 2 west.  Monitoring level is PM4.  Commission members are invited to tour Milestone’s Wilson mine by contacting Steve Stuhr.   That mine is not fully operational yet, but will eventually mine into the groundwater. 


The Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th at 7pm at the Town Shop.  Agenda items will include commission member comments on the NM revisions received from Cedar Corp and review of the town’s comprehensive plan to reflect changes related to the town’s nonmetallic mining resources.


Motion by Mittlestadt/Nielsen to adjourn at 8:30 pm.                


Submitted by:

Cindy Griffin, Planning Commission


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